Our Clients (List of Schools)

Bookland is a leading school text book provider in India.

If you wish to order books that interest you, E-mail us on sales@bookland.co.in

On receipt of an order a quotation will be emailed to the customer giving availability of the book, freight/postage charges and net amount payable to which the customer has to reply as a confirmation of the order. Order is processed only on receiving advance payment.

List of Schools:-

CBSE Schools

  1. Bethany Convent-Allahabad
  2. Happy Model School-Varanasi
  3. St Francis School-Anpara
  4. Silver Grove School-Varanasi
  5. St Norbert School-Ghosi
  6. St Joseph School-Shaktinagar
  7. Christ Jyoti School-Singraulli
  8. Dalimss Sunbeam
  9. Sunbeam School
  10. St Joseph School-Robertganj

ICSE Schools:-

  1. Holy Cross School -Ballia
  2. W.H Smith Memorial School
  3. St Mary School-Mirzapur
  4. Benhur School-Allahabad
  5. St Mary School-Taran Karan
  6. St Mary School-Akhbarpur
  7. St Peter School-Akhbarpur
  8. D.C Lewis Memorial School
  9. Gems English School-Dudhi
  10. St Thomas School-Bharatganj