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Search Help

  • You can use AND, OR and NOT to join different words in individual search fields. Eg. You can type the following in the Publisher field:
    euromoney and books or publications
    This will show you items of Euromoney Books, Euromoney Publications, and all the other publishers who have the word "Publications" in their names. But if you enter:
    euromoney and books or euromoney and publication
    It will show you items only from Euromoney Books or Euromoney Publications.
    You can use the same method in other fields also.
  • Use the "Title/ISBN" field for search if you know the ISBN number of an item. This is the fastest way of searching the item you are looking for.
  • If you do not exactly know where the word you want to search falls, use the Keywords field. This field will search in the entire database for the words you enter.
  • The Join fields with option determines the relation between the words you have entered in different fields. Whether to search them together, or search for any of them. For e.g. you enter the following:
         Author/Editor Name : Tom and Clark
         Publisher Name     : Euromoney and Books
         Type               : Magazine
    If you had selected AND in the Join Fields with option, this will give you all the magazines that are published by Euromoney Books with Tom Clark as the Editor/Author.
    If you had selected OR in the Join Fields with option, this will give you all the magazines, plus all the Euromoney Books publications, plus all the items with Tom Clark as the Editor/Author.


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