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Know Us

We are a leading subscription agency and booksellers specializing in Business and Economics publications.

We also arrange on order many specialist market research reports and market forecast for most commodities and services.

Advantages of our Services

The main advantages for Indian companies of placing orders with us are

  • No headache of filling in multiple forms for arranging foreign exchange payments and not to worry about storing and submitting proofs of imports to Reserve Bank of India.
  • In case of complaints it is easy to contact us rather than various people for different publishers which is also quite expensive and inconvenient due to time zone difference in various countries and we also know the right people to contact for various complaints due to regular contact.
  • We can also provide faster service at times since we have open account with many publishers and also process payments faster again being our regular activity.

We also have tie-ups with major subscription agencies in United Kingdom and Australia as well as United States for Books.


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