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Audit Name From which Portfolio
The Advertising Agency Audit Mktg    
The Brand Management Audit Mktg    
The Business Strategy Audit   Bus  
The Computer Security and Fraud Prevention Audit   Bus  
The Corporate Culture Audit
The Corporate Identity Audit   Bus  
The Cost of Quality Audit   Bus  
The Customer Loyalty Audit Mktg    
The Customer Satisfaction Audit   Bus  
The Customer Support Audit Mktg    
The Employee Motivation Audit     HR
The Environmental Management Audit   Bus  
The Franchising Audit Mktg    
The Human Resource Function Audit     HR
The Human Resource Information System Audit     HR
The Human Resource Planning Audit     HR
The Internet Market Research Audit Mktg    
The Leadership Skills Audit   Bus HR
The Logistics Audit   Bus  
The Market Research Audit Mktg    
The Organisational Change Audit     HR
The Partnership and Alliances Audit   Bus  
The Payroll Audit     HR
The People Policies Audit     HR
The Performance Management Audit     HR
The Pricing Strategy Audit Mktg    
The Productivity Audit   Bus  
The Professional Services Marketing Audit Mktg    
The Public Relations Audit Mktg    
The Reward and Benefits Audit     HR
The Service Management Audit   Bus  
The Strategic Marketing Plan Audit Mktg    
The Teams Audit     HR
The Technology Management Audit   Bus  
The Training and Development Audit     HR
The Web Site Audit Mktg    



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